3-in-1 Universal Bassinet Wedge – Elevated Sleeping Pillow Helps Newborn Babies with Acid Reflux, Congestion, Colic – Adjustable Cushion Supports Healthy Sleep and Eating + Carrying Case by Did and Me

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Here's The #1 Mom-Recommended & Baby-Approved 3-In-1 Bassinet Wedge Set For Happy Little Sleepers!

Looking for a convenient, soft and comfortable bassinet pillow for your newborn? Need a practical and adjustable bassinet wedge set to help prevent nasal congestion and reflux?

Introducing The Soft, Comfy & Waterproof 3 In 1 Bassinet Wedge Set For Newborns By Did And Me!

Now you can finally make sure that your little angel can enjoy a soothing night's sleep without worrying about reflux or nasal congestion thanks to our inclined baby bassinet pillows! The ergonomic design and plush cotton material will allow your newborn to relax better and fall asleep without the slightest discomfort!

Top 3 Amazing Reasons To Choose Our Baby Bassinet Wedge:

• Adjust It To Your Baby's Needs - you can use the 12-degree bassinet wedge, the 4-degree smaller pillow or even combine them to create a 16-degree comfy and convenient bassinet pillow for your little one!

• A Must-Have For Every Mom - the waterproof layer combined with the soft cotton removable cover will make washing your baby bassinet cushions a breeze! Spend less time cleaning and more quality time with your little one!

• Help Your Baby Sleep Better - the specially designed universal bassinet wedges will help prevent spit-ups, nasal congestion or reflux and allow your baby boy or baby girl sleep better without any interruptions.

Your Baby's Safety & Comfort Are Our Top Priorities!

That's why we back our bassinet wedge set with a 3-month money back guarantee and an exclusive 1-Year warranty!

Just make sure to consult your pediatrician before using the bassinet pillow. You can prevent sliding or rolling by making sure that your baby's bottom is on the mattress and only the back and head are on the elevated wedge. And always keep an eye on your baby while sleeping!

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Product Features

•SWEET DREAMS, LITTLE ONE - Infants are asleep more than they are awake! And for good reason: their little bodies are hard at work growing and developing. But we often forget that the quality of sleep is just as important as quantity. The Did and Me bassinet wedge provides the perfect incline to help your baby sleep safely, soundly, comfortably. •THE PERFECT FIT - Traditional baby and infant wedges come in 1 size, while our babies are anything but! Our sleep pillow is adjustable to meet the needs of your individual child. Not only do you get a standard 12-degree wedge, you also get a second 4-degree pillow that can be used on its own or combined with the other - that's 3 pillows for the price of 1! •DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND - When it comes to baby products, safety is your top priority, and that's why the Did and Me universal elevation pillow is BPA- and hazard-free. It's made of firm foam to eliminate choking dangers and comes with a 100% organic cotton, machine-washable cover, and an inner waterproof cover, so your baby will always have a soft, clean place to rest. •YUM YUM TIME - If there's one thing babies do as much as sleeping, it's eating! But getting your infant to eat can be a tricky task. Our universal bassinet insert doubles as a newborn feeding pillow. The incline allows them to eat more comfortably and helps control potential issues like acid reflux. It also helps children learn to hold the bottle on their own! •OUR PROMISE - You want quality baby products, and with Did and Me that's exactly what you get. Our elevated bed insert positioner is the perfect addition to your baby's crib or bassinet. But if you decide it's not right for your family, rest assured. You're backed by our 3-month money back guarantee!

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